Let’s not lie, more guns does not automatically equal more freedom. More privatization does not automatically give us more choice and less regulation does not automatically translate to more choice. No statement, without qualification, is true. The world is a more complex place than we could ever hope to map out without understanding that our communities, cities, states, countries, cultures and associations are so complex and vast, but at their core come down to a few basic concepts, which adds even more complexity as you sub-divide and mix and match them.

Sometimes, a good guy with a gun manages to take down a bad guy with a gun, though usually that “good guy” is a trained officer. Sometimes competition is good for the consumer, until that innovative start-up is swallowed up by an even larger, more established monopoly. Sometimes there is a silver lining to climate change, but after more mild winters cause widespread disease it won’t be seen that way.

Sometimes taxes in a state become overwhelming and stifle growth, but often that state has a better long term future because those higher taxes go to bettering the living conditions of most people. Those low balling states that attract “business” have disasters to deal with and great uncertainty for the poorer classes, mine collapses, fracking disasters, oil spills, chemicals in the water, shootings in movie theaters and schools, explosions at fertilizer plants…. Granted there is never any guarantee and all disasters cannot be prevented regardless of law, and the most regulated states aren’t always the safest, sometimes culture plays as much a part as access to weaponry.

There are no safe and easy answers, and sometimes we are all wrong.