Monthly Archives: March 2014


Only evil until you need it.

A few things….

Climate change is real.

Americans may be exceptional, but the face we are showing to the world is anything but, unless of course you consider intolerance, religious fundamentalism no less worse than that in Islam, abject poverty less than a mile from garish wealth, historic levels of greed, and an unholy attachment to firearms signs of being exceptional.

President Obama is neither the devil, a Muslim, a socialist, a Kenyan….(see above)

We have no idea how good we have it.

We don’t care how bad you have it.

We don’t trust science, but we do trust (and forgive) preachers who “stray,” over, and over, and over, presidents who pass on a debt unsurpassed (until the next Republican takes office) and then has the gall to come out of hiding to denounce the current one, for trying to pay the debts we already owe.

We would rather incite a popular revolution than pay people a living wage.

We are fucked, and because of that, so are you.

Have a nice day!


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