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Stupid Meme of the Week


There is such a preponderance of stupid here it boggles the mind.

How, really, do you tell the Vet homeless from the “illegal alien” homeless? Ah yeah, it must surely be the signs. Stupid fucking me.

Oh and I thought you didn’t have to be homeless in the first place. Is the US of A not the single best place on earth NOT to have to be homeless because our industrious nature all but forbade it but for the laziest of us? Which, if that is in fact true, the “illegal aliens” are anything but lazy, and this proves it.

That you never see an illegal alien homeless person, (which even giving freely the fact that whomever came up with this cockamamie Meme seems to have amazing precognitive and mind reading ability to be able to tell EXACTLY who is legal and who isn’t on SIGHT)  by “Stop Hilary” logic, would be exactly the type of person we would want in this country, industrious, hardworking, largely Christian (really Christian given the amount of care and aid they routinely provide each other) not sucking off the government teat…etc….



I’m honestly not on the Clinton train myself but talk about batshit false equivalency.

Interesting Times…

May you live in interesting times?


It isn’t a Chinese curse, it may not exactly be a curse at all and they are all interesting depending on where or how you live.


It is amazing the amount of myth that we take as history.


All history is in some way shape or form, myth. Taking a very rough estimate of 90% of all history being lost into account, and this is a VERY generous estimate, so much of what has happened is left unrecorded as to make what is recorded insignificant without the weight its been assigned. Supporting information we never knew changes both the events and the context of history, or at least its absence stripping some of the “color” from it. We are honestly in the dark about the majority of what we’ve experienced as a species.  Human history being, of course written (and edited) mainly by those who have vested interests in supporting certain “facts” over others, is more than suspect, by its lack of completeness and context it really isn’t history at all.


Everything is a lie, at least to a certain extent. Everyone has at least one dearly held “fact” that dries up and shrivels when exposed to light. Some are just errors of convenience and others have simply been adopted and accepted over time.


May you live in interesting times, ironically, is one of them.


It is probably just a truism someone spoke one day, arranging words artistically so that their meaning is intentionally vague but meaningful isn’t hard for someone who knows what words mean, but something being said by an everyman apparently removes some of its weight.


A Chinese curse? A curse at all? The first is almost certainly no. the second I choose to believe can be either a curse or a blessing depending on how close you are to the fighting.


These are “interesting times” in the United States. They are arguably MORE “interesting” in Iraq, Israel, Syria, on the Gaza Strip or in the West Bank. They are “interesting” in places we have never heard of with no free press and internet, let alone the ability to read either. How interesting is it actually to focus 100% of your energy on survival and not 10% on bitching about taxes or supplying (or receiving) free healthcare. How “interesting” is it to run from the warlords or have no rights? How much more interesting would it be if we had no right to free expression nor the right to vote in even our Trojan horse elections? How much more interesting will it be after we are shaken awake with the realization that it could get really bad, really fast. Not “The Walking Dead” bad, but much, MUCH worse.


This is a public service message. To all of you, including myself, who through accident of birth lucked into living in the modern, industrialized world. When we swear at that asshole following us too close or complain about how the barista couldn’t sling our late fast enough. Remember there are more interesting places to be. When we bitch about not being able to carry a semi-auto, or that we have to wait in line sometimes for shit that its better than NEEDING to carry one or there being no shit to wait in line for.


Fuck you, shut the fuck up and be happy your fat privileged ass has access to caffeinated beverages and the time not running from some really oppressive asshole to drink them.  Fuck your “rights” and your belief in the innate superiority of the real housewives.


Slow the fuck down and kiss whatever “God you believe in’s” ass that you are lucky enough to live largely without worry and realize there are places in the world, actually MOST of the world, that suck so much more than this one does.


Don’t be such an asshole. Myself included.


Oh, and do something for someone else, preferably someone who you do not know, and do it because you have a house and a bath, maybe even a car and they don’t have shit.


And again, don’t be such an asshole.


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