There are those times when you have nothing to say, no words of wisdom or outrage, no bits of humor or pithy banter, nothing. And then there are the times when you simply have too much, too much anger, outrage, venom, too much frustration at watching a world you believe should operate within some logically defined structure, fall to every-man-for-himself chaos.

And sometimes the latter causes the former, virtually all the connections in your brain sing, or shout out at once, joining together in a discordant cacophony. The singing lasting just long enough to hint at the slightest hope of solace, a hint of hope in an otherwise insane ricochet of important information vying with the small stuff for space in the already crowded channel of conduit funneled into your brain.

Yeah, I’m definitely experiencing the latter.

Call it sensory overload, too much information, compassion fatigue, whatever you like, but its making writing about all the various sins and WTF moments of the world difficult at best.

A temporary shift in focus often does us all good, so this is what I’ll be attempting to do.

I’m beginning to think that just the act of being outraged or as one of my favorite writer/directors said through one of my favorite actors as one of my favorite comic book heroes , “always angry,” is both soul and nerve deadening. It cripples your creativity to always be in a state of agitation, actually, let me correct myself here, it cripples MY creativity, stifles MY ability to put words together in new and interesting ways to convey meaning.

Everything has been done, written, said, there are only a certain number of ways, with our current technology, given our limited perception and ability to observe with our limited senses, to say them, only a limited number of plots and structures that make sense to us. I scanned the interwebs for a quote I remember hearing about saying everything about politics, the human condition, life, through art, couldn’t find it, so if anyone out there has any idea what the hell I’m talking about feel free to chime in. But that’s about the size o it. I can’t rave or rant anymore, I’m too tired to rage, am losing the words to say the same thing over and over again, but what I can do is write creatively.

I’ll be severing the tie to Facebook after this post as well. It really hasn’t brought me anything, no added traffic to the site and no one commenting so that feedback that every writer craves has been non-existent for me. It’s not a hard thing to do to maintain a Facebook page but it is annoying to see all the likes and no corresponding conversation.

When something pisses me off I’ll surely be commenting on it, I can’t help myself, but the plan for this site was to be a regular depository of bile, and I can’t really bring up anymore.

So to those of you who have been paying attention, thank you. It’s partially for you that I’ve been doing this but I haven’t been a very considerate lover in that respect, I’ve neglected to give you my all, so….

I am working on an e-book, that’s my plan for the summer, I’ll be sharing that here as soon as I get some work done on it.