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What’s Currently Depressing Me


Yes waiting until the whole story of the trial and its result is probably the best course of action but my immediate reaction is disgust and anger. White privilege indeed.

Taking Ownership

Edited 10/26/16 @10:46 EST for clarity and stupid grammar tricks.

A continuing irony in this election cycle has been the outcry by many Republicans at Trump’s apparent distaste for the American system of elections. His bloated, arrogant, and above all ignorant toss-off of peaceful power transitions and little things like the will of the people mirroring exactly what they have done for the past eight years. His manipulation of the drooling doglike obedience of his followers maligns the very constitution they collectively seem unable to comprehend, something the Republican establishment knows full well how to do.

As has been the case with much of Herr Trump’s rhetorical upchucking, mainstream conservatism has been caught with its pants around its ankles, bent over, inviting the diddling it publicly decries.

They have been riding this pony sidesaddle for some years now, and now that it is trying to buck them off they are suddenly aware of its wild nature? There is no doubt that Democrats have done similar damage to their base over the years by not adhering to fundamental fairness (in the case of the infamous Sanders emails) and refusing to appear with the current president for fear of political self-immolation, putting their re-elections against the better nature (and needs) of the party.

Democrats are equally (in measure) guilty of half-stepping but not nearly as guilty (in scope) of torching the country in a burning hatred that consumes all reason.

The Republicans have taken it several steps further into wackadoodledom. While espousing fairness, honor, and dignity they have spat and shat on both concepts repeatedly by reflexively blocking everything the Obama administration has put forward, not even allowing a break-fix of Obamacare, just setting out to break it. They have stirred racial animosity through the coded language of the Tea Party and its affiliates and promised a one term president instead of working with him to get some of their agenda included in the discussion at the adult table. They have done for the past eight years what the Donald has threatened to do for at least the next four, not recognize the duly elected president of the united states, just not in those words.

Again, the conservative “establishment” is late to its party. It’s been off somewhere snorting coke with supermodels that look suspiciously like David and Fred while its “base” raids the local white sale. Arriving near the end of the soiree, they, still snowblind, are amazed at the sight of so many Black men hanging limply from the burning cross in the middle of the living room. It only takes a year or so for them also to realize that the word effigy has nothing to do with this scene, oops.

I’ve said it before; the GOP owns Trump, and every word that comes out of his mouth is a distillation of the entitlement rage complicitly and explicitly stirred up by them. Trump is the Frankenstein’s monster assembled from puppet parts by the puppets themselves, made of hate, anger, and fear and brought to life with the words and actions of the party’s surrogates.

Aside from the fact that they knew that Trump was a sociopathic, groping, drooling, egging on-ish boor who’d look at the burnt out remains of the GOP’s grotesquely scorched statue as its centerpiece and not recognize it as his doing. They invited this party crasher inside, not only by giving him the keys but by laying out clear, concise directions to the mansion and in a coca leaf fueled haze giving him free rein to bring all his friends in and trash the place.

Just because they blacked out doesn’t mean they get to disavow the destruction they’ve wrought, not only on the Republican party but the entire country.

And you know what? They probably never will.


I realized I hadn’t posted anything in almost 7 months. So, here.


So much insanity has engulfed the country and some of it has spilled over into my personal life. I’m working an insane amount of hours, I moved out of my 5 year living arrangement, am on my final class for a second degree I can’t possibly be more ambivalent about, and all in the midst of what may prove to be the breaking point for our divided American identity. No big deal, right?


So, as I, and the country, navigate the new reality, can you dear reader expect anymore insane rantings from me?

I damn well hope so.

Hello World!

John Fucking McCain

Edited 10/20 for grammar, spelling and general wordiness.

So is this a case of the snake swallowing its tail or of it sliding its scaled head slowly past its sphincter?

What at one time was the only rational voice in the Republican party (save Chris Shays) has increasingly become one of its most insane, ego-driven, extreme, and sad relics.

In a story that surfaced early in the week but was swallowed in the shit-quicksand that is “all Trump all the time” media coverage, McCain preemptively vowed that the Senate (if it remains in Republican hands, that is) would block any Clinton appointee to SCOTUS.

Let that sink in, actually, let the multiplicity of fuckwadded assumptions absorb deeply…

First, the one time “moderate” senator from Arizona has already set the tone for the next 4 to 8 years, basically saying that the next presidency, be it Democratic, will be handled like the last one, as a slapstick pastiche of knee-jerk obstructions that will do nothing but further erode both national faith in our houses of government and do further damage to the Republican “brand.”

Secondly, he has all but admitted that there is no real way for Trump to win so when he loses, house and senate Republicans will do what they have been discouraging Trump from doing, inciting their base by not accepting the results of the election.

Thirdly, we are to expect the end of a distinguished and once respected (by Democrat, Republican and Independent alike) member of Congress’ career.

The death knell seems to have come sometime around 2008, when compelled by some demonic force, McCain felt the need to ditch his tough as nails but relatively fair persona in favor of the rabid base “base,” forgoing any rationality and grasping with two full hands, the hair of the tea party, wacko, “I can see Russia,” masses. Copulating wildly with them as they screamed about God, guns, and gays, slamming themselves back into the party that always seems to leave them hung over and unsatisfied the next morning, he shared the ticket with insane-hair-demagogue 1.0. It was all downhill from there.

So now, preemptively, he’s showing his hand for the next four years at the very least. A calculating gambit that could very well backfire but not soon enough to matter to his flagging career.

In his home state of Arizona, despite growing resistance from “patriots” the Hispanic population continues to grow, unabated by citizen patrols and Jan Brewer. The insanity that befalls kings and popes when they fail to understand that the people below them and the people they think are below them are becoming the same people is beginning to take hold on McCain and the GOP as a fever. It is destroying the last vestiges of rationality and common sense and immolating reason in a firestorm of racial fear and lost potential. It is obliterating the very same notions that supposedly underpin the party and the country. In this, the Great Defender becomes part of the Destroyer Class.

I used to have respect for Senator McCain. I still have respect for the man who survived a trial I couldn’t imagine going through myself, but I have lost any and all respect for this man who has abandoned his post as a standard-bearer of reason in a party that continues to slip off the silty cliff of moderation and into the murky waters of batshit insanity.

Mr. McCain, what the hell happened to you?

Holy Shit, the Fucking Typos!

Time to go through all my old posts and keep myself from looking like an illiterate cretin by fixing the fuckton of typos I’ve amassed over the years.

If it wasn’t already obvious, I really hate editing my own damn work.

Oh and by the way, hello again!


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