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Things that make you go…oh shit

Honestly, I haven’t been following the traveling clusterfuck that is the “First 100 Days!” I know, because I’ve preached the gospel myself, that the only way to resist is to know what you are resisting, but I can hardly put the two words (President and Trump) together without feeling like the opening credits from Bojack Horseman.

Watching this man speak is like watching a spasmodic 80-year-old talk about how things were better “back then” and not being able to recall exactly when “back then” was. It’s like watching that poor reporter who had aphasia and stumbled through a litany of nonsensical word combinations on an endless loop.  It’s like watching a teenager fumble to undo his belt because dammit, he’s getting laid for the first time and he’s psychologically terrified to a degree that his hands no longer function.

I just can’t do it.

There is no substance, no depth, no plan. Oh Shit indeed!

A new friend of mine and I were discussing various topics over several drinks and it dawned on me. I haven’t nearly as much a clue about the insanity of this White House as I did about the various minutia of the last one. The last one appealed to me in a way that on other administration had; the preponderance of class, the fact that they were a “first,” the grace under tremendous pressure, all of it resonated.

The current administration resonates like a mallet against a brick wall.

I find nothing enlightening or appealing about it, nothing interesting or attractive, nothing worth paying attention to….OH SHIT!!!!!

Yep, I’ve tuned out. Exactly what they want people like me to do.

So now begins the process of reengagement. Tuning back in. I hate reality television, I’m not into watching self-absorbed people self-destruct, and unfortunately, that is what the political class in this country have become, reality show contestants. I’m not a big fan of sitcoms either but add a laugh track, and that is exactly where we are.

So I guess its time to suck it up and start watching.

Oh shit, indeed.

I Guess I’m Just Not Paranoid Enough

I went to this class a few nights ago.

Less a class and more a collection of terrifying American troupes.

Survivalists, preppers and possibly even a White Supremacist or two. Could be just my perceptions of people are out of whack but they have rarely been wrong before.

Thing is, taken with a dose of caution the advice made sense, being prepared for a disaster isn’t a stupid thing at all. As a matter of fact, it’s pretty damn smart, sane and reasonable. The climate is changing, storms are getting wilder and stronger and people are getting more unpredictable. Well, the last is a debatable fact, people may be more encouraged to be so by a lack of trust which is at least partially fed by everything else.

The tension we all feel, the stress of navigating through the post-racial, post-truth, post-professional media world, where nothing is true and everything is fake news even if we witness it and document it, the echo-chambered, gaslit, fear-mongering, make it up as you go along assemblage of truthiness, all of it shreds us apart neuron by neuron. We are all veterans of the psychic wars now.


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