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I’ve added a couple of new, and probably to some, surprising links to my site.

I’m still working out some of the kinks but hopefully by the end of today I’ll have this thing working as intended.

Though the technical end of adding the blogroll/sites I like HTML code may be surprising to some, the content of the last two sites may be a bit more surprising.

A few years ago I looked at the issue of Gun ownership. Specifically, whether those of us not of the typically represented demographics should think about pursuing licensing and buying firearms.  Never one to make a rash decision, I tend to internalize and test market the idea to the rest of my life and as that life changed I reexamined my thoughts on the matter.


A few weeks ago I started the process of getting a permit.


Several reasons.

  1. I moved to a rural area: Gun culture is woven into the fabric of the part of the state where I now live. Partially it’s “when in Rome” and partly it’s because the number of cops here is tiny compared to where I was before and although crime is less prevalent, things that can kill you other than people are proportionally greater in number.
  2. I’m marrying into a family of hunters and want to bond with them: We differ politically in many respects but they seem to like and respect me so I’ll do the same and bond with them over this pastime. Plus: venison.
  3. I am fearful: I don’t know what the future holds but if the last few years are any indication, things can change quickly. If a disaster happens that leaves us without the things we have come to rely upon, what we do have may be threatened. Yes this is to some degree paranoid….but is it….really????
  4. I have resolved the contradiction of being a left-wing gun owner: Well okay, not fully, but enough to know it is possible, and not at all contradictory to want to defend yourself or fend for yourself in case you have to.
  5. My brother encouraged me: My brother works in a job that can sometimes creep out into his real life, one that can put him and his family at risk from retaliatory minded people. Also bonding.
  6. Sport: As I get older I realize that its good to be good at something. Shooting offers me the potential to compete without the strong physical toll other sports can take.
  7. Because I want to: Enough said.
  8. I can’t argue what I don’t know: one of the truths that many gun owners use against regulation (and the left in general) is that many of the people calling for it have never touched, used or seen a real firearm. I think they are absolutely right and I desperately do not want to be one of those people who speaks on something they know nothing about.
  9. Finally, because I want to exercise one of the rights denied my forefathers. I also believe that when the number of gun owners of color reached a tipping point, the conversations will change. For the good? Who knows. But what I do know at the moment is that it needs desperately to do so.

Oh, and I won’t be joining the fucking NRA. I already belong to this club with the contradictory sounding name.

BTW, The above t-shirt is real and you can get it here.