Trump Won the Supreme Court

Today proved that.

The judgement by SCOTUS that we can selectively keep out people from certain countries because of fear of terrorism, instead of keeping the same strong vetting in place that has worked pretty damn well so far is another step down the rabbit hole of authoritarian fascism. Yes, I said it, fascism.

We have learned nothing from the last 200 years, not a lick. And as the partisan bickering and seismic divisions in the electorate increase our ignorance becomes more and more apparent.

One vote was all it took. One in the court and one, denied in the last administration. A vote given to an already shamelessly lying power mad boy king. This is the only thing that would have been worth the sure reactionary firestorm of a Hillary victory. Actually some republican balls would have prevented this too.

If the writers of history are truly sober in their assessment of these years they’ll call the blocking of the duly elected president from doing his job by an impotent, petulant congress one of the greatest travesties in modern American history.