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Stupid Meme of the Year

Stupid Meme of the Year

I feel I should just pack it in now, because nothing could be more stupid than this.

The Donald indeed.trump-tweet


Stupid Meme of the Week


There is such a preponderance of stupid here it boggles the mind.

How, really, do you tell the Vet homeless from the “illegal alien” homeless? Ah yeah, it must surely be the signs. Stupid fucking me.

Oh and I thought you didn’t have to be homeless in the first place. Is the US of A not the single best place on earth NOT to have to be homeless because our industrious nature all but forbade it but for the laziest of us? Which, if that is in fact true, the “illegal aliens” are anything but lazy, and this proves it.

That you never see an illegal alien homeless person, (which even giving freely the fact that whomever came up with this cockamamie Meme seems to have amazing precognitive and mind reading ability to be able to tell EXACTLY who is legal and who isn’t on SIGHT)  by “Stop Hilary” logic, would be exactly the type of person we would want in this country, industrious, hardworking, largely Christian (really Christian given the amount of care and aid they routinely provide each other) not sucking off the government teat…etc….



I’m honestly not on the Clinton train myself but talk about batshit false equivalency.

Disgusting Meme of the week award.

Disgusting for multiple reasons.

1) Using the death of a child to create a racist association when the child herself was anything but is stomach churning.

2) Eliminating the facts of the case and sensationalizing it to make a point. The rest of the story is that the mother of the kids who killed her turned her own boy in to the police. The boys pled guilty and the ringleader is still serving time. She was not “stuffed in a trash can” she was dumped in a recycle bin, while this may seem trivial, the wording is meant to provoke disgust and racist anger in the reader, it implies the kids desecrated the girls body, by all accounts they were terrified after they realized what they’d done. It was shame, not disrespect, that made the boys dump the body. A shame that this Meme implies Black people do not have.

3) Its one of the most tragic and heartbreaking stories I have ever heard, and yes I remember hearing about it.

4) No one rioted because the boys faced justice, went to jail and the case did not involve people with institutional power imposing that power on someone who had none.

5) NO child deserves to be memorialized this way, White or Black.

Here you can read the whole series of Huffington Post articles, but you may not want to, especially if you are a parent.


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