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A Note On Monetization

There are more ads.

Since I’m devoting more time to the site that means less time for other things, which means this is one expensive habit.

Like I said before, I’m not making any money off the site and I would at the very least would like to break even. Hosting has gotten cheaper but still isn’t cheap so I’ve added a few more ads to the site.

If you like what I’d doing or would just like to have something to shake your head to as you read, please follow the advertising links on the site.


Thank you.

Those Fucking Ads!!!

I make no money off this site, let me say that up front.

I think in the entire two years I’ve been doing this I have made a total of 5 bucks off the ads I placed here last year. That’s less than virtually no money because the big G won’t let you cash out until $100, it is exactly ZERO dollars cash flow.

My intention from the outset was never to make money, paying the hosting charges would be nice, but until recently I had so little traffic that I couldn’t even hope to do that.  So if you’ve stuck around since I’ve placed the initial sidebar ad you will have noticed some new ones popping up in the posts. I’m still not sure how I feel about them.

I find ads annoying, but if I ever want to do anything in my real life to at least break even, I have to find a way to pay for the site. I don’t care if I make anything above and beyond breaking even, but breaking even would be a blessing of the highest magnitude.

So please don’t be put off by the ads, they are not the result of some malicious code or adware you may have downloaded with your bitcoin mining software or through, they are simply a way for me to keep from asking my meager audience to fund me directly. Many of my favorite sites including WHTM do pledge drives, but they also have far more regular visits.

So please try to ignore the ads, and if you will, click-through every once in a while to help a brother out.


Hang Around Long Enough…

I’m not sure what mojo I’ve been working but the site has seen a lot more traffic lately. Blame Putin and his army of Russian bots, or the accidental  cross posting of something I might have said in a exhausted haze but something has made the site visits jump off the charts in the last few weeks.


Whatever it is, and whoever you are who are visiting…


Site back Up: Just in case anyone was watching

New day, new host.

There should be site improvements including quicker load times and such.

For all the 5 people who care.



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