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White Supremacy is a Death Cult Pt. 2

Something weird happened in the 90’s. The demographic shifts predicted years before seemed to accelerate. Collectively “non-whites” were becoming a majority and the social construct known as “whiteness” was threatened.

Only American whiteness could go through this crisis in the way it is, the complete lack of self-consciousness and self-awareness inherent in the institution of American whiteness would cause anyone thinking critically about the concept a massive aneurism. Whiteness started out as an undercover expression of Americanness as a matter of fact the two were equally exchangeable. As class divisions broadened and slavery was introduced as an institution the modern idea of “whiteness” was born. Poor whites might have been poor but at least they were white.

Whiteness in its selective inclusiveness decided that Italians, Irish, and Spaniards could join their ranks fully enough to bolster their numbers and reinforce the idea that European culture (whatever the hell that actually is) was permanently tied to the American idea of whiteness. There were no more exclusive divisions between them as there were for the first half of the existence of America and about a few thousand years before. Side note: this is why no one should be surprised that the Alt-right has more than a few members who are Latinx. Inclusion of borderline minorities into the pantheon of whiteness isn’t new. Hell, they’ve even added a few Candice Owens and Jessie Lee Petersons as tangential allies.

So how does all of this amount to a death cult?

White Supremacy has always been about white dominance. It has always to some extent been about fear of white extinction, especially in America. Now that white birthrates have continued to decline, and white suicide rates continue to skyrocket, that narrative is given a whole lot of support for the notion of the destruction of the white race.

Never mind that its damn difficult to get a good comprehensive definition of what that actually means especially given the inclusion over time of previously “non-white” Europeans, whiteness is losing its footing. There is no part of American whiteness that hasn’t been touched, created, shaped or assisted by non-whites. There is still that hammer fisted need to coopt the culture as a whole through proclamation, but as anyone who has taken a DNA test for any reason knows, things aren’t nearly that cut and dry. The DNA of America is decidedly mixed, its culture is hybrid and its institutions although still bastions of White Supremacy, are folding. What modern White Supremacy attempts to do is to culturally and physically separate or eliminate non-white influence.

Doing that is like pulling the mitochondria form our cells, it’s like removing a strand of DNA it will distort and then kill the person or culture. At this point all the military worship, Sparta felation and Trump supporting only pushes that vague concept of whiteness further into the trash. The symbols of war, the glorification of death and the fear of losing the glory of the past has pushed many a nation into divisions of convenience. The White Supremacist death cult will likely do the same to the form of whiteness its adherents wish to preserve.

The fear and panic of the elites who are more interested in family power than racial purity display some of these traits as well. With the shrinking of the availability of mates at their class level, wealthy whites are more likely to intermarry with South Asians, Chinese and Japanese, as those with better education are more likely to intermarry and wealthy whites are by far better educated than their poorer counterparts. The elites are still less inclined to marry into races that have typically been deemed inferior, so middle and lower class whites seem more likely to see their White Supremacy as threatening these groups. Oddly though the groups the intermarry with have in their own histories inherent class divisions, biases, and exclusions based on culture and or ethnicity. In many ways, this mirrors working-classing class whitness that has slowly become more ethnically inclusive in its ranks.

I often think about what a white homeland, as proposed by separatists would look like and how it would be structured. How would the government work, what system of government would it be how would rights be determined. Every utopian experiment tried so far that attempted some sort of purity test for entry has failed miserably. Not to mention that there hasn’t been a successful experiment on such a scale…. ever.

You can site Israel but I don’t think that applies and the nation got plenty of assistance from the US and others in its establishing years. I can’t imagine that a white homeland would get much governmental support aside from the land annexed. Though I can imagine them receiving help from sympathetic Europeans, that is a far cry from the institutional knowledge and infrastructural experience of a large established country.

I see that experiment descending into internal strife where all the uneducated angry whites who think it’s a good policy to move in with their better-educated cousins because uncle and auntie will provide them with jobs and a sense of purpose. I see cultural and personal differences of opinions turning into violence and chaos. I see a dictatorial society with no one left to target as the other turning in on itself and devouring its own untread upon tail. I see once the race war is won a class war brewing beneath. I see a death cult that will do nothing more than bring about the very destruction they seek to avoid.

Some Supporting Evidence

White Supremacy is a Death Cult Pt. 1

“Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity” – Race Traitor Magazine

The signs are legion. They come in many shades from skulls and flags to polos and BMWs. Whiteness is resurgent.

There are many flavors, all in some way aligned or at least signatories to a non-aggression compact.

I spent some time in Rhode Island this past week in a wealthy part of the state that abutted a rural one. The northeast has many of these and I recognized denizens of both, peacefully coexisting or at the very least ignoring each other. The wealthy, especially the young ones, are very recognizable. I’ve spent some years around people like them and I knew the look. The way they carry themselves is distinctive, the boat shoes and the button down or polo shirts and that air the soft spoken confident (daddy can get me out of anything) usually either slight of build or slightly athletic, their maleness comes in the form of their privilege. The awkwardness that usually comes with their age isn’t apparent in them as they wait at service counters behind Oakley’s or Wayfarers, generally holding their head back just enough to signal that the air in the room is theirs and they alone are allowing you to share it.

The others, are working class to just barely upper middle class. Bedecked in grunt style and copious facial hair many of them resemble the late sniper Chris Kyle. Statistically its impossible for all of them to have served in the military although you wouldn’t know it without knowing them. Their Pickups are decked out in Realtree, spartan. NRA and/or skull stickers and judging by this I assume their politics generally range from apolitical to alt-right.

The second group I’m more familiar with, they populate the town where I now live and hold court in the tows surrounding, some drive loud, large and intimidating trucks and hold a deeper, more menacingly straight-backed confidence that sometimes borders on threatening. They are the white rural analogue to the wannabee gangsters that sped through the streets of the towns and cities in which I spent much of my life. If I had a purse to clutch, I’d be doing so as they came down the sidewalk, crossing the street as I did.

They both explicitly benefit from their whiteness. One through inherited wealth, the other through inherited privilege. Neither will generally openly admit it but both groups, regardless of who they vote for, participate actively in white supremacy and are terrified of their advantages being tipped.

After Charlottesville it became apparent that there was a large contingent of both who are terrified enough to associate themselves with a movement that will use violent intimidation as a fear response against losing their hegemony.  Fear makes strange bedfellows, I remember the tensions growing up between the white working-class kids surrounding my lower-class neighborhood and the wealthier people on the east shore. Entertainment was rife with examples of class struggles among the still majority whites. No one embodied that struggle between the partition and working classes like John Hughes. The Breakfast Club, Some Kind of Wonderful, and to a lesser extent Sixteen Candles all to one degree or another examined the rift at the top.

Those depictions fizzled out as the 80’s ended, and Nerds became the new minority subset in white America. There was the occasional colored person (before we became people OF color) almost always their race was played for sympathy or laughs (the flamboyant gay black nerd, the awkward Asian dude who although he was clearly the smartest guy in the room never had the white gravitas to be anything but a running slant eyed joke all courtesy of Revenge of the Nerds) had all but otherwise disappeared.

Now as Whiteness as a concept is in both jeopardy and ascendance, jeopardy because of dwindling birthrates and immigration and ascendance because of pushback against those forces. White people are doubling down in larger numbers on being white.

I’ve said this a few times, in some ways humankind in general and white men, in particular, are gearing up for some kind of war. We are animalizing in ways that are physically and socially apparent. The elevation of military service or the appearance of it in rural communities (who do commit more men and women per capita than any other) and that “look” moving into suburban communities as well, the reversion to a battle-ready body type bearded, mirror shades, indistinguishable from your typical Seal. The explosive growth over the last 10 years of everything “tactical” (most of it made in China, by the way), the reinforcement of the type of throwback maleness that toxifies the culture, the obsession with Spartan culture (or at least the non-gay parts) have signaled to me this coming culture change.

All of it, on purpose or by mistake, is a product of, is buttressed by and is a direct decedent of White Supremacy. Our nation was founded on it, racial delineation in this country took precedence over class divisions because of purposeful use of the idea that “whiteness” even at its most abject, was above everything else. After the Civil War, it worked well in terms of keeping the masses at bay and keeping the newly freed enslaved still. Not by government mandate but by armed citizen militias and the cultural embedding of an idea of superiority.

The government was an active participant when it had to be. It encouraged racial division on the state level which was ignored at the federal level. GI’s coming back from both world wars were denied the benefits their white counterparts enjoyed, delaying or outright deraining participation in probably the most expansive inclusion of Americans in the financial system. If you were white and participated in the war economy, you benefitted. Post great depression (whose devastation on minorities still hasn’t been fully researched and exposed) economic expansion during the war years barely touched minority communities, and government wasn’t very helpful in encouraging that recovery. Another round of White Supremacy was born, the Klan was revitalized and began another terroristic war on minorities.

Tomorrow, Pt. 2

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Unintentionally Hilarious Meme of the Year

Unintentionally Hilarious Meme of the Year

No Words….

Hate to be self-referential but….

Dismantling the Popular Democratic Process

Down and out with a bug

Just coming out of about 3 weeks of various ailments, hope to post again soon if I can gather the strength to face the shit-storm that is this world at the moment.

Dismantling the Popular Democratic Process

Yeah, not one of my catchier titles but sometimes you just have to say it plain.

I’m in the midst of reading a new book about the long history of pseudo Libertarian incursion into American democratic progress and it’s enlightening to say the least. As far as I’ve always understood it, Libertarianism as defined as a political ideology, is basically the capitalist version of Anarchism, the main difference being that somehow the magical free market will save us all as opposed to the rainbows and butterflies that come with mutual cooperation without coercion doing the same. Both ideas come mainly from intellectually elite boy-children whose moral superiority casts no doubt on their otherwise easily disprovable assertions.

Make no mistake though, with enough money and a firm commitment to fundamentally changing the balance of power back to elite, white, landholding, educated, moneyed folk you can talk the ignorant unwashed masses into almost anything. The dog whistles drown out the jack hammers drilling into the  power of working folks. Racial and ethnic fear mongering hold the head of reason underwater until the bubbles stop, it’s too late, democracy as even the least of us understand it is dead.

At the risk of turning this post into a book report, in Democracy in Chains, author Nancy MacLean tells the story of James McGill Buchanan a Nobel Prize Winning economist and the arguable grandfather of Political Economy. The book constantly refers to his philosophical adherents as Libertarians but that tag will prove to be inaccurate as the story goes on.

In short it outlines the transformation of an economic movement more in line with the way colonial America worked than the idea of democracy we’ve come to accept. A way of thinking that basically obliterates the current social order. It’s one of those books that confirms with eerie accuracy what many of us have seen happening around us.

Basically, read the book.

My tangential comments on the ideas surrounding the book will follow.

I’ve talked about my own anarcho-libertarian leanings before, I’ve also talked about my sympathy for all types of middle to lower class people (being one of them myself doesn’t hurt) but i want to step back from both and look at this transformation through my own experience of them. It means fundamentally different things to different people but the general gist is that individuals are prime before the state, whatever state that is.

I lived through the Reagan revolution so I felt the behind the scenes machinations that steered the political ship during that era even without knowing they were there. I felt the meanness that was tested during that era, the proto-tea party movements of “Angry White Men” (I never get tired of this clip) the anger and resentment that helped restart the Klan and  create the still racist but less obviously so patriot movement. The “Libertarians” of the Virginia school of political economy were making inroads into the corridors of power, aided and abetted by none other than Charles Koch (who to this day is the grand wizard of “Libertarian” direct action) they used any social movement that would benefit their oligarchic elitism. Many of the same tactics used by the preservers of the Confederacy are still being used today to divide and sterilize the power that the working class attained post labor.

They used racial animus, fearmongering and outright lies and distortions to push an agenda that legitimized the idea that only certain people had the right to weigh in on political matters and only certain experiences mattered. You can easily rectify this with many of the “constitutionalist” provocations that defended slavery, opposed universal suffrage and defend ideas most of us hold as undemocratic. The cause beyond all causes though is to restore a colonial ideal that only educated, land-holding white me be given the franchise. The erosion of voting rights among communities of color not only assumes that the poverty-stricken are not educated enough to make a valid decision in determining their future but that the cannot be given the information to make that choice in a rational fashion.  White rural poor America gets a second tact.

“When you are accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.”

This is the foundational truth of the new Libertarian movement, it is the fuel that has fired the engine of their attracting their most ardent followers. As demographic changes continue to become more apparent, women become more powerful and racial minorities become (collectively and deceptively) the majority, white males have become the target audience for a newly lipsticked pig.

This movement will and has used any means to grab power. It uses disinformation directed at communities of color and majority communities as well. It uses a slow steady well-funded effort through a network that feels increasingly comfortable coming out from behind the scenes. It intends to wrest what we think of as democracy as broken as it already is (and much of this is by design, designed by, guess who?) into what actually is a plutocracy. This makes the Republican Libertarian wing’s tacit support from the Trump agenda in all its fracturing, disenfranchising, Russia-loving glory make much more sense.

Trump is not only a useful idiot for Russian oligarchs, but for American ones as well.

This will not end well if it ever ends at all.


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