Really HuffPo….Really?!?!?!?

Really HuffPo….Really?!?!?!?

Enough said….sigh…



I have to apologize for the slew of re-posts and links lately but the coming weeks are going to be insanely busy and I want to, at least, pass on the things I find currently interesting. I’ll probably be doing some of the same until at least the end of August, taking about 10 days off the first week of September and then easing back into the groove after the 11th.


Like We Already Didn’t Know

The Liar In Chief is at it again.

The Queen, RIP

Much of my childhood was a blur, but of the sounds and pictures that remain she was one of the most defining. Her voice is stitched in to my childhood and whenever I hear it I always think of my mom.

And then there was her performance in the Blues Brothers.

We’ll miss you.

Gotta Love Innuendo Studios

I suggest watching the alt-right playbook videos, they are great condensed, understandable slices of head-scratching horror.

Some of Those Who Work Forces….

On white supremacist ideology and policing.

Fucking Idiot Racists Come in All Colors

CNN, not fake news.

Trump, Ingraham and the Alt-Right make Reagan Look Good to Me

Why Pissing off Canada isn’t the Best Idea

Where Americans actually get their oil, perception vs. reality.

Fuck You Laura Ingraham

It speaks for itself.


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