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Today’s Lesson: Everything Doesn’t Always Work Out

I used to think I was lucky. I’d delay and put off and push away the scary stuff and somehow things would just work themselves out. I thought I had luck on my side because when the stakes aren’t really that high, you don’t really care that much.

Well, as I got older and the “luck” started to wane I realized it really wasn’t luck at all but instead just a case of not really having much to lose. You acquire things, debt, friends, family, ex friends, ex lovers, ex stuff…if you are lucky you get the chance to go through a few of these and slowly take the training wheels off, but by the time they do come off you realize how much “on your own” you really are. You start taking things to help you sleep, start worrying about losing weight and all the assorted other mundaneties that never would have entered you mind when you thought you were invincible.  You begin to simultaneously begin to care, and care less.

Slowly but surely you realize that everything you do, every interaction, every conversation you have ever had has consequences.

And you realize that, no, things don’t always work out because they never did. You just had to grow into realizing that they didn’t. And now, in the middle of the journey, you see how every decision you made informed where you are right now and that for better or worse the decisions you didn’t make were as powerful, or more so in some cases, than the ones you did and you hope that you get enough life left ahead of you to steer the ship into a safe harbor.

You wish the body was as learned as the mind has become and you wish you’d done a few things just different enough to be in a slightly fresher hell.

Life is still good, but it always can be better.


Existential Angst: The American Disease

There is a lot to unpack here and this is just one woman’s experience but I thought it was interesting. The part about crime struck me as well as the strangeness of returning to America. I wish I’d been able to travel abroad when I was younger but at least I can explore other’s perspectives of living outside the US.




Violent Crime: The US and Abroad


This Is What White Supremacy Does To A Body (Graphic)

In the foreground this is Emmet Till, the young man, who in 1955 was brutally lynched and his body desecrated for what basically amounts to an alleged cat call.

A cat call that was just recently obliterated by the target.

This is Till’s destroyed body, which his brave mother and father insisted be on display. This is the human cost of believing that the dignity of a 14 year old boy was erased by his “race”.

This was 63 years ago. Within the lifetimes of at least half of congress and a good number of Americans.

And we expect no consequences from events like this. No memory of the butchering of a 14 year old boy because someone alleged that he spoke in less a way than our current sitting president has spoken about several women ON TAPE.

The killers were never brought to justice because of the same system that we have in place today.

63 years.

If you think that this kind of butchery should be forgotten and it has no relevance to the gunning down of kids that same age by that same system, I have no kind words for you, none at all.

Yeah I’m Late, So What???

But Unfortunately He Is, and By Your Silence You Are….

“Based on recent behavior and previous statements, the North Carolina Republican Party is unable and unwilling to support the Republican nominated candidate for North Carolina House District 48″ – GOP chairman Robin Hayes .

The Republican party has been putting up with the precursor to this for YEARS therefore encouraging and supporting it. Chickens….meet roost.

No Uber…..Just Allies


Taking A Short Break

Going to give myself a few days off after hitting the pinnacle of my viewership last Friday.  I’m not fully aware of the strange magic behind the recent spike in the site’s popularity but I do appreciate it, whatever it is.

I might post something over the holiday especially if that liberal revolution Alex Jones says is happening on the 4th actually does happen, but for the most part I won’t be back online for the remainder of the week.

I hope everyone has a great 4th, regardless of our flaws we still have the makings of the greatest civilization ever and are some of the greatest, kindest, warmest people on the planet.

Happy Independence Day!!!!

Historical Perspective, Pass It On…

Family separation is not a new practice, how quickly we forget.

Have A Good Weekend.


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