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I don’t do Facebook much. Every time I’m lured back by some innocuous post and I get sucked back into the insanity for a bit, I pull a little further away. On several occasions I’ve been worked into such a frenzy that I feel like my heart just might quit. Frankly, aside from a few friends and relatives, it really isn’t worth using anymore.

The ridiculousness of this past election cycle had me closer than ever to hitting “delete.”

When you hear friends you thought were reasonable, say completely unreasonable things, or friends you knew were unreasonable already, say things so outrageous you can’t believe they felt emboldened to say them “in public” it feels like time to pull away.

This whole planet has me concerned at the moment. Where the US is heading is very well a dangerous and potentially violent place. Some of us believed that having access, making information and opinion more democratic, would create a learned republic. One akin to the one the founding fathers envisioned, except more varied economically with women and Black folks included, effectively democratizing learning and making us all better voters and better citizens. HA!

It seems there is that little missing element that also exemplifies an egalitarian democratic republic, ignorance.

When you have no compelling reason to cooperate in the democratic process there is no incentive to educate yourself and its so very easy to just hit the nearest button that has written on it how you feel at that very moment. Not how you think, or have reasoned through, but simply how you feel.

Now feelings are great, they are great for creating art, for manipulating and coercing your kid to do their homework, great for schmoozing and wooing, but alone, they are terrible for democracy. Feelings betray biases, and generally biases are not reasonable, they may come from a vague place of reason, but they are not reasonable in and of themselves. Feelings should not be the sole reason you vote for a particular candidate, using feelings as a sole measure will always lead to buyers remorse.

So does this mean that democracy may not be the best way to go?

I really don’t know but as the days go by, I’m doubting American democracy more and more and that scares the shit out of me.

A few things….

Climate change is real.

Americans may be exceptional, but the face we are showing to the world is anything but, unless of course you consider intolerance, religious fundamentalism no less worse than that in Islam, abject poverty less than a mile from garish wealth, historic levels of greed, and an unholy attachment to firearms signs of being exceptional.

President Obama is neither the devil, a Muslim, a socialist, a Kenyan….(see above)

We have no idea how good we have it.

We don’t care how bad you have it.

We don’t trust science, but we do trust (and forgive) preachers who “stray,” over, and over, and over, presidents who pass on a debt unsurpassed (until the next Republican takes office) and then has the gall to come out of hiding to denounce the current one, for trying to pay the debts we already owe.

We would rather incite a popular revolution than pay people a living wage.

We are fucked, and because of that, so are you.

Have a nice day!


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