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Really HuffPo….Really?!?!?!?

Enough said….sigh…


Does a Good Guy With a Gun, Stop a Bad Guy With a Gun?

Sometimes, yes.

A few small caveats though, this guy was a trained former NRA instructor, the town had no police force and he hesitantly engaged.

Oh, and Bullshit sir, you ARE a hero.

No Chaos…

Edited on 8/2 for clickability.

Well someone else noticed….A Huffington Post writer and I agree Republicans are dicks.

I was the first though, it’s just that no one reads me, ah well…

A HuffPo writers response to the republican bluster over France is yet another reminder that the Republican party is full of  hypocritical dicks.

They are lead by a bunch of lunatic sycophants who will kneel down to any idea that will get them votes. The American people deserve so much better even if some of us don’t deserve much at all. I’m not a huge fan of the Huffington Post, but every once in a while they let some shred of common sense leak through the celebrity gossip.


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