How short the memories of sycophants to an ideology  are.

France suffers while the right goes on a hate-fest.

There is almost nothing redeeming about this. There is no cleansing in the release of pent-up anger that in it brings, no discussion it invites, no comfort. Especially the great irony that many of the same people who have been sounding off lately were the same ones stirring up anti-french shit in 2003. Now, suddenly, Obama is the reason the french people are suffering and not the architects of the war that created ISIS in the first place.

For such supposedly intellectually superior individuals (Yeah, looking at you James Woods) there is a whole lot of stupid out there stirring up shit that will probably never settle.

How about this, really, truly grieve for the people who lost their lives yesterday in acts of senseless barbarism. Maybe go even further and recognize that by encouraging the creation of ISIS in the first place we are partially responsible for it.

But that would be thoughtful and adult, and God knows we can’t have that.