Watching the decline...

5/6 Drive By Posting AKA Still Here

Unintentionally Hilarious Meme of the Year

Where We Are?

No Words….

Hate to be self-referential but….

Dismantling the Popular Democratic Process

Finally Feeling Better

Whatever had me sidelined almost a month ago seems to finally be lifting. Get your Flu shots for goodness sake!

Of course I’m down for the count during the most important election in my lifetime.


It’s Still Happening…GO FUCKING VOTE, NOW!!!!!

It DID Happen Here

Still recovering but here is something to think about. 6 Minutes of images worth 613 pages or 1 Trump rally.


Down and out with a bug

Just coming out of about 3 weeks of various ailments, hope to post again soon if I can gather the strength to face the shit-storm that is this world at the moment.

Just Fucking Vote!!!!!!

Enough said.

I don’t know about you but I need these today.





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