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Historical Perspective, Pass It On…

Family separation is not a new practice, how quickly we forget.

Have A Good Weekend.

Have A Good Weekend.

Libertarian Socialism? Could It Actually Be A Thing?

I constantly find myself redefining myself, looking for the words to describe my belief in a bite sized way. It almost never happens and is constantly changing, but I continue to try.

Fair contracts between individuals, limited government intrusion into our personal lives as long as we continue to adhere to some common law, no eminent domain, regulated free markets, gun rights for individuals who pass a background check, free travel across state lines and equal constitutional protection.


Health care for all, free or dirt cheap college or continuing education for all, good free education for all regardless of geography and race, make Internet and other communications, power companies and other “utilities” public, not free but owned by the people they serve, strong labor unions…

Yep, I’m a Libertarian Socialist!

Who Is To Blame?

In this case we all need to just wait and hold our tongues over the latest act of mass violence.

It really isn’t a stretch to say that calling journalists enemies of the state and calling everything everyone publishes about you fake news has created a toxic environment. What is a huge stretch at this very moment is calling this attack on journalists a direct result of that.

Its better to wait and see, maybe to learn something first, then to jump to conclusions.


Harlan Ellison Is Dead

Love him or hate him, there was no denying his influence and talent.  Yet another of my literary “heroes” is gone.

Is Nothing Sacred????



Okay today is not the day I can go into the hybrid rabbit hole/cesspool that is the internet. I gotta get shit done.

But before I commenced to getting said shit done I had a laugh, a sigh and a violent contraction or two.

I think this is going to be a regular segment, some stuff offa blogger I like.



Books for people who think the world is going to shit

Divided Opinions

What’s Wrong with White People?



I made a reference to an old twilight zone episode a while back, but THIS takes that idea a step further. I gotta say I’m a little jealous I didn’t write it.

Yes, Yet Another Gun Post

There is a lot here that I’m struggling with and still more that I outright reject but there’s a lot of food for thought here.

And until they can really support Black gun owners, and not just trot out the token, FUCK the NRA.



Oh and THIS.


Breaking News: We Are So Fucked!

Well this couldn’t come at a worse time, RBG please live forever.

So self-referential today.


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